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Review: Ico + Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection

Two of the PS2’s most critically acclaimed action/adventure games have finally made their way to the PS3 after confusing delays and rumors that it may not even see the light of day. Amidst all the rumors that the collection might not even come out (and another rumor that it being pushed back to Q4 2012 certainly didn’t help), it finally ended up being released alongside other large titles such as FIFA Soccer ‘12 and X-Men Destiny. I’m also relatively certain that I was one of only a few people who was actually waiting for this date simply to pick up the Collection that helped define large sections of my teenage years, hoping that certain bugs and glitches found in other Collections did not carry over and spoil the experience of two of the greatest games of all time. I’m proud to say that this Collection delivers the perfect experience I was looking for.

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