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VGN Survival Minecraft Server

Hey everyone, we’ve got some awesome news to share with you! We now have a VGN Minecraft server open for the public. Come join and build with the admins and mods of VGN. Make friends, have fun, be creative, and survive. We have many other activities for you all like Mob, Spleef, Capture the Flag, and PvP arenas. We also host Survival Games (Hunger Games for Minecraft) on the server sometimes. When we host one we’ll post about it on the server’s blog, which can be found here. We really hope you’ll stop by and have fun with us!

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*New DLC for Dead Island*

The Bloodbath Arena is basically a singleplayer/co-op survival mode where you choose from 4 different arenas that range from easy to very hard and you face wave after wave of zombies like most traditional zombie survival games.

The DLC is a physical area in the game which can be found on the island and fast travelled to, so you don’t select it from the menu. Whilst in the arena you can attempt complete challenges such as using fists only, blunt weapons, sharp weapons, etc. You can also loot zombies, get EXP for each kill and hunt for a special weapon mod that is found each area!

One really challenging part of this DLC is that weapons do degrade while in the arena. Luckily each arena has a work bench for you to repair your weapons, but its not so great when you’re using the high end rare powerful weapons that cost a load to repair, so be sure to have a fair amount of money and your weapons ready and repaired to maximum.

Watch Cooptimus' gameplay impressions video here.

Buy the DLC from Steam here

(via Co-optimus)