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Only If

It’s been a long time since I finished a game and sat there smiling as I recounted everything that led up to that final moment. Only If is a very straightforward, non hand-holding, adventure game that can only be described as a combination of the mind-bending of The Stanley Parable, with the lab rat level crawling of Valve’s Portal.

You play as Anthony, who passes out at a frat party and wakes up in a twisted reality that forces him through a series of strange situations backed by a vague prose. You’ll complete a system of reality-distorting puzzles as a seemingly crazed man barks orders at you while he plays the overlord.
Only If is free to play on Gamejolt or Steam.

This game is another example of next generation thinking in the video game industry, and its subtle presence is a hidden footpath that leads us to a more evolved game conceptualization process. Creability’s Only If is a piece of the framework that is the threshold of the encroaching generation of design, harnessed by the forward thinking developers of today.

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Dead Rising 3 confirmed for PC this summer

Dead Rising 3 is coming to Windows PC this summer on Steam, Capcom announced today.

Word of the PC version began to spread yesterday when it appeared in the Steam Database, and the video above invites players to “join the conversation” on Valve’s digital distribution service. Capcom also announced that Europe will receive a retail version of the formerly Xbox One-exclusive game. The PC version will include upgraded textures, support Steam Achievements and Trading Cards and support keyboard and mouse as well as controller play.

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