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The Chozen (Clean and Roided) by Marcus Freeman

Artist’s Comments: Part II of what I’ve now called The Galaxy Defenders which featured The Effect. This one focuses on Samus and the Metroid series, using the colors of her Varia suit and her first nemesis, Mother Brain and the usual Metroids.

[Available @ RedBubble]

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The Legend of Zelda Posters (Second Set) - by Gabriel Leoni

Website | deviantART | Tumblr

Personal note: The Legend of Zelda, one of the best selling games that Nintendo has ever created, was recently added to the Hall of Fame of video games.

In this second set I have created posters that represent each one of the The Legend Of Zelda’s games that I did not put in the first set.

You can check the first set HERE.

I want to thanks for the support to it8bit, pacalin, herochan, ronworkman, svalts, gamefreakz and all the users who like and enjoyed my sets, the posters will be on sale soon.

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Hyrulean Travel Posters

by Dean Walton

A new limited edition set of retro prints inspired by favourite locations in Hyrule.  Now available in a range of sizes in poster or canvas form at GamerPrint.

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