Review: Fallout New Vegas: Lonesome Road

by Matthew Posivy

When your life is a life sucking abyss thanks to video games, there are just some particular titles that occupy more of your time than others. For me, those titles include the Fallout series. Hundreds of hours of gameplay, walking, talking, shooting, exploding, gore ridden, eyeball strewn paste moments that make Fallout a defining genre in the RPG series. To be specific, New Vegas is currently my favorite of the series. And, Fallout being Fallout, is sure to have some DLC available. So, in reality, you haven’t actually regained control of your life when you FINALLY finish the game. Wonderful stuff. I don’t need to eat anyways.

Lonesome road will again find the player in the boots of The Courier, protagonist (or antagonist, depending on how you play) of New Vegas. The Courier is contacted by the Courier 6, otherwise known as Ulysses. In a nutshell, Ulysses was the courier whose job it was to deliver the Platinum Chip to Mr. House in the rebuilt city of New Vegas. When Ulysses mysteriously disappeared, The Courier was then tasked to make the delivery, and well…Bob’s your uncle.

You will be able to take all your previously acquired equipment to The Divide, and your standings with factions will still be where you left them, but companions will have to stay behind, save for ED-E, who now and again helps you out with audio logs from Ulysses himself. Storyline-wise, Lonesome Road is just that, a lonesome road. This Fallout’s story is a bit linear, (yes I know it’s strange to hear, Fallout and linear in the same sentence) and you really don’t have as much choice as you did with the original Fallout 3 or New Vegas, in a side quest sense. Sure there’s lots to explore, but overall, you’re basically progressing the story the entire time. Really no breaks from the main storyline to rob some ghouls or fight deathclaws. Not to say that Lonesome Road’s storyline is bad. On the contrary, really. Lonesome Road is a fitting end to The Courier’s story, whichever way you play it.

Additional content exclusive to Lonesome Road includes new weapons, like the flashbang, satchel charge, bowie knife, and (in my opinion) the ultra fun shoulder mounted machine gun. Some creepy new enemies have been added too, the Tunnelers, which are human like frogs with sharp claws, and the Marked Men, similar to ghouls. All have their own combat attributes and strategies, and are a welcome addition to the already staggering amount of creatures in the New Vegas universe. The level cap has increased to 50, making your character the strongest he/she can be, with new perk choices and skill ups.

Lonesome Road is a fitting closing to The Couriers story, even if the story doesn’t allow for more exploration then a Fallout title usually presents. Still, it’s a must have for Fallout fans.