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Video Game Nostalgia

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This is Miku, the main character in Submerged.

It’s an understatement to say that there are multiple competing factors when designing a game character. Thankfully, we had the talented Annie Fix to work with, and she did a great job of interpreting our conflicting demands. What follows is a…

Uppercut Games is currently working on their IP Submerged, built in Unreal Engine 4. Their blog is filled with development posts that give you a good inside look into how games are built on current generation engines.

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Some screenshots from the game, without giving too much away ;)

Link if you wanna play! 



Game dev and Idea goes all too Dominic Szablewski

Very addicting free-to-play browser game, a bit reminiscent of the old DOOM. We’ve been bombarding you with kickstarters lately so here’s a game that should get a bit more attention. Perfect if you’re bored at work or school!

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Hive Jump

Graphite Lab Games has a kickstarter up that’s about half way funded for their current project Hive Jump.

This highly stylistic sidescroller features per-pixel dynamic lighting using Sprite Lamp and a Gunstar Heroes-like gameplay (remember the old school radial shooters?). This isn’t just a chaotic slaughterfest insecticide however, there’s an actual goal. You’re going for the queen, the heart of this little bug problem.

The game has been Greenlit on Steam, and the kickstarter has 16 days left!

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Archaic-Dinosaur-Infested Survival Crafting Game

Playing on our hunger for sandbox survival, Archaic is an upcoming game that has the potential to succeed in areas TellTale Games may have missed in their (sort of) recent iteration of the Jurassic Park game (but we’ll leave that in the past). There’s a kickstarter up as well as a Steam Greenlight Campaign. There’s everything you’d expect in a crafting survival game: Opportunities to gather wood and make a shelter, animals to hunt and eat, and guns to defend yourself against the predators (that’s right, you’re going to be stalked by raptors at night).

The game is in early development, with a decent amount of assets to show off their artistic prowess in-game. Apparently, you’re assigned to defend a team of scientists researching the origins of the dinosaurs, but you know how well that usually works out. The dinosaurs overrun the facility and you escape with your life at least.

There’s a $10,000 goal which seems a bit small for a game of this scale. Though there are stretch ladder goals to add more large dinosaurs.

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Jenny LeClue-Detectivú

Not Nancy Drew, but Jenny LeClue, a new face in the choose-your-own story mystery adventure scene. This is to be a trilogy mystery game series with a rich, involving story and plenty of mystery to satiate your curiosities. The kickstarter has been fully funded however there’s almost two days left to pledge in and get your rewards! With the game Greenlit on Steam as well, the team is set to go and plans on releasing an alpha by Spring 2015. There’s a lot to be discovered in this charming adventure that we look forward to by the beginning of next year!