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You wander the forest, breathe in the damp air.
Eternal rain leaving puddles.
You light a fire under a ledge to say warm.
In your pocket is a damp note you found in the mud.

"Remember The Sound Of Now - Δ"

You tightly grip the handle of your umbrella as you toss the note into the fire.
It turns to ash and it’s fragment rise into the air.

The path calls you back.

Petrichor (Proof of Concept) is the current project of Matt Rohr and Eric Winebrenner of Sundae Month, with me providing the sound and music! It’s a short point-and-click game about a journey through a mysterious, rainy forest. I’ll be posting a track soon as a preview of what’s to come, so keep an eye and an ear out, and just sit, sit by the fire and dream. Δ

Right now we’re seeing the early concept of an interesting game concept, Petrichor. So far, there’s a really small team but we’re inquiring about some content that might give us a better look into this title!

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So it was pointed out that showing that there is more than one style of shirt available might help. So take three? Sorry to be such a pain in the butt, but I think we can get at least 50 ordered yeah?

From the top:

If the minimum order isn’t met, then the shirts won’t get produced :(

Proceeds will go to diverse game projects. Like V20 Dark Ages! That’s still raising funds to create an awesome deluxe edition.

So, please signal boost and if you can, get a shirt to show the world that you need diverse games.

Thank you so much!

There is blog dedicated to spreading awareness of diversity in games and pushing for a more inclusive industry in the future. This is the direction we need to be heading in to influence a change in the way we develop our games.

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You may have heard about Destructive Creations’ latest announcement on their abhorrent game titled Hatred (the title font is stylized after the DOOM logo for added originality). This project crosses the line that some games have tread closely like Postal by Running With Scissors, and Manhunt by Rockstar Games. However it goes beyond that. The developer tries desperately to be edgy:
“The question you may ask is: why do they do this? These days, when a lot of games are heading to be polite, colorful, politically correct and trying to be some kind of higher art, rather than just an entertainment – we wanted to create something against trends. Something different, something that could give the player a pure, gaming pleasure. ”

This game is so disturbed, Epic Games literally requested that they remove the Unreal logo from their trailer as they want no association with the project. An unfortunate reality as the developer chose to build the game on Unreal Engine 4.

In a time where we’re pushing to use the industry as a vehicle for bringing on a new way of thinking and possibly changing the world, it’s sad that a project like this has been unveiled to devolve our efforts.

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I just fixed that crafting screen. A beautiful procedurally generated Proven Lands by day, by night, with inventory and skills screen ;) KS soon

Check out this upcoming title before the kickstarter drops! Proven Lands is procedurally generated roguelike sci-fi planned to be released on PC next year. Follow Rafael from the reblog or their dev log here for more updates! Their game site is here as well.
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Elegy for a Dead World

Boston-based developer Dejobaan games’ latest title is up on Kickstarter and nearing the end of their pledge period. The game puts you in an alien environment as a member of an exploration team sent by Earth to document these uncharted planets. The thing is though, you’re the only one who survived. Now you’re stuck traversing this strange and beautiful world on your own, writing about the things you see. The game features an input mechanic where you type out your interpretations of what you see. The art alone is attractive, but the overall atmosphere accentuates the endearing opportunity to document your findings. It’s an archaeologist’s dream come true, if you’re the type of archaeologist who longs to explore planets of dead alien civilizations.

A truly unique gift is being offered to us and the crowdfunding is coming to a close soon. It would be a shame not to see this project come to life, and give us something to talk about together.